A wedding is one of the special moments that the couples can have, weddings are always meant to be colorful and well designed and therefore any theme that the wedding has should be captivating. Choosing the best wedding designs is key to how the wedding will appear, for a lively and colorful wedding it is important that you have the design that will help to make the event livelier. The wedding guest book are one of the designs that you can have for your wedding, the guest book will help the personalization of the wedding just the way the couple would like and that being said the couple would enjoy the moment once they go through the guest book that they have. The following are some of the ideas that as a couple you can have in your guest book. Go to Miss Design Berry

You can incorporate the tree to which will help you to get the memories that you want in the future, having a tree design will be important to your guest book and hence it is one of the ideas that you should have in your wedding design. Secondly, you can have some photos and in a personalized book where you will have the photos that will help in telling your whole love story and it can be a perfect way to remember the old good days when your love was young. The guest book can also be incorporate the guest feelings where you can design the guest book to capture the feelings of the guest at your wedding, you can design the puzzles and get the idea from the people on how they think your wedding was, whether they enjoyed to the fullest and if you have such a guest book for sure you will always have something that you will always remember about your wedding day, this is one of the wedding design that you should have. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sustainable_event_management  

The other idea that you can have is to let the guest that you have to make some love notes for you and your spouse, this can be perfect when it comes to a small kind of wedding where you want to engage the guest, you can let your friends, family members, and neighbors put their feelings in writing and hence they will write anything that makes them love you and that will surely make your day and after the wedding. You can also have a photo booth where you will display some photos and this can be one of the favorite guest books that you can have. Read more 

Guestbook Designs That Can Help You in Creating the Best Wedding Design